Thursday, 3 May 2007

Critical Survey starts!

My objective is to do a survey where I ask all the students of communication design from the university of the arts, about their beliefs, critics and expectations of the world of design in our society.

It is my objective to communicate something that allready exists, in this case the opinions on Design of those that will be the practitioners of our future.

And then present the results graphically.

I want to create something that is usefull to all those which Design is important, something that will sustain it self thsought time.

Ultimatly the perfect scenario would be a website where all students from the university of the Arts would answer on line, loging in with each individual password.

Even the questions themselves could be apointed by students, which would become an organic movement, where OPINION, CRITIC and THOUGHT are celebrated.

Of course this would be the perfect scenario.

For this brief as the final outcome I would prepose the first results of the first ever

Critical Survey on Design.

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