Thursday, 31 May 2007


... i am given the choice, i go for content first! Meaning!

The Looking Closer series as accompanied me since i discovered it, around April.
Vol. 4 has been most consistently within my reading habits. It has been the book that i have consumed the most. ( i don't normally read non-fictional books in a row, i like to pick up information whenever i feel like )

What attracted me the most was its contemporary views of the ways that the Discipline of Graphic Design as been thought, taught, discussed and written, having as a ever present background our consumer based society. And above all, the issues that are born from the insertion in that very same context.

Such overview of the discipline and its effects on ourselves (really) is something that no designer/student should be unaware off.

There a vast number of ALL IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, that in my opinion are NOT being discussed with the intensity that deserves.

Steven Heller´s introduction do the Vol. 4

In this volume these are some of the essays that somehow reflect a bit of my concerns and thoughts that i consider appropriate to our times.

"First Things First Manifesto 2000"

by Kevin Garland

"First things First : Now more than Ever"
by Matt Soar

"Telling the Truth"
by Milton Glaser

These and much more have raised a variety of questions that in all humbleness , i consider urgent to address.

Specially because WE DESIGN DESIGN constantly.

"Can Designers Save the World?
(and should they try?)"

by Nico Macdonald

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