Thursday, 31 May 2007

The other weapons a designer has...

Here is a list of another material, from books to web sites, that i have been surrounding myself with for the last weeks and LEARNED A LOT FROM.
These sources os information tend to vary constantly, but the list that I provide is consistent, because not only some of the issues were also part of the Bibliogarphy from the previous essay but they will be, for sure, part of the future 3rd year essay as well.

AIGA Journal Online,

Bierut, M., Drenttel, W., Heller, S. and Holland, D.K. Looking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic Design. Vols., 2 & 4 New York: Allworth Press.

Design Observer,

Drenttel, W. and Helfand, J. (2003) ‘ Culture is not always popular’. AIGA National Design Conference.

Garland, K. (1963) “First things First” Manifesto(2000)

Poynor, R. (2001) ‘ The Time For Being Against’. Looking Closer:AIGA Conference on Design History and Criticism.

Poynor, R. (2001) ‘First things First, a brief history’. Looking Closer volume 4

Soar, M. (2002) ‘The First Things First Manifesto and the Politics of Culture Jamming: Towards a Cultural Economy of Graphic Design and Advertising

Speak Up,

Shaughnessy , Adrian ´ How to Be a Graphic Designer: Without Losing Your Soul, Laurence King Publishing (Oct 2005)

Limited language,

Drenttel, W. and Helfand, J. (2003) ‘ Culture is not always popular’. AIGA National Design Conference.

(Dentrell´s opening statement that inspired my 2nd year essay)
William Drenttel : "Designers talk about creating a body of work, but they seldom talk about acquiring a body of knowledge. They take pride in being makers, but seldom identify themselves as thinkers. They claim to be emissaries of communication — to give form to ideas. And while we would like to believe this is true, it seems to us that all too often, we, as designers, are called upon merely to make things look good — rather than contributing to the evolution and articulation of ideas themselves. This is an age-old criticism of design, but it seems especially relevant this morning as we talk about the Culture of Design.

Finally got it on the mail today!
3£ online!

"The End"

Final issue of Emigre magazine

This is Rudy VanderLans measuring 21 years of Emigre magazine in 13 inches on publications

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