Thursday, 31 May 2007

OBJECTIVES for the next and final stage.

After all the learning i had over the pass weeks my biggest concern was to find out the most suitable outcome to all the experience i had since this project started.

The answer came quite fast. And once more it felt logical.

My intention for the final stage of the brief is to PUBLISH ON LINE (on the blog probably) the reasons why i believe it is not only PERTINENT but also URGENT to promote critical thought in a young designers career.
We shouldn't even be in the stage of "promotion" of such natural practice, we should be already enduring it.

I want to produce an outcome that answers all the questions that were left to answer.
A result that provides all the background that missed before in the project and that will help creating the idea that question making is in fact the most productive way to develop ourselves as Designers and Citizens.

A manifesto? I don't know.
But definitely a text well written, that contextualizes my beliefs with my research material and that will allow me to pass the core of my intentions and beliefs that the Survey raised, which are : "the importance of question making, today!"

Final form?
I have been thinking on the possibility of an animation, together with well applied typography.
To create those ideals, well expressed, and post it on the net on a site of its own. Letting it available to everyone.

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