Wednesday, 30 May 2007

In times of agitation a metamorphosis occurs!

"Depois da tempestade a bonança", is a Portuguese expression that fits like a glove to the current status of my project. The expression basically says: "After a storm good times arise".

My project has developed into a different outcome.
As i found out that a survey on these matters needs much more support than the one that i provided, i decided to change the outcome.
A questionnaire in these matters is something that needs a theoretical background that is always present.
Without it, it is nothing but some questions, with or without importance it´s not the issue, but it becomes harder to take it as factual and valid information.

That is why a new outcome is born. Ending the project basically where it should have started, but hopefully opening a precedent on Why it is important to place questions to the group of people that will become the future practitioners of this Discipline.

Pertinence is the keyword for this change.
The process inspired it.

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